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Things to do in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Things to do in South Africa's wine region Stellenbosch.

Only an hour drive outside of Cape Town, Stellenbosch is one of South Africa's most famous wine producing regions, hosting many vineyards and wineries and is a popular destination for some of the best restaurants in South Africa. Here is a guide for things to do in Stellenbosch.

Stellenbosch is a must visit places whilst you are in Cape Town and South Africa. Situated in South Africa's Western Cape, it is a historic town with beautiful vineyards and outstanding restaurants.

After a few days in Cape Town we headed inland to our first stop, which as Stellenbosch. We hadn't hired a car whilst we were in South Africa, so we got an Uber to our hotel in Stellenbosch which took about 45 minutes and it's a very scenic drive.

Where to Stay - Accommodation in Stellenbosch

We stayed at the lovely Sugarbird manor which is very remote in the hills of Stellenbosch. The hotel had an infinity pool and offered a great breakfast the day next day on the terrace overlooking Stellenbosch.

We decided to just do one night in Stellenbosch as after having done quite a lot of research we realised we wanted to spend more time in Franschhoek.

You should note that whilst this hotel is lovely, it really is in the middle of nowhere and it's difficult to get to places without a car. We got taxis (mainly Ubers) during our stay, but they often got lost trying to find it. When we arrived we had just missed breakfast and the hotel had no food to offer, we couldn't order anything and we ended up walking to a nearby hotel for lunch (which wasn't even nearby).


The Best Restaurant in Stellenbosch - The Fat Butcher

As we were only in Stellenbosch for one night, we did a lot of research on the best restaurants in Stellenbosch to ensure we made the most of that evening. We were recommended by quite a few people and read a lot of online reviews about the Fat Butcher that is in Stellenbosch town.

The Fat Butcher Stellenbosch

The Fat Butcher is a premium steak restaurant and butchery serving up some of the most incredible meat dishes I've not just had in South Africa, but EVER! The steak was so tasty, cooked to perfection and served in the perfect atmosphere, with great service. I had steak tartar to start, fillet steak served with garlic butter for main with sides of onion rings, spinach with feta & pine nuts, bone marrow and burnt garlic sauce.

The Fat Butcher Stellenbosch

Our table was outside in their courtyard, which was beautifully decorated and the perfect place to enjoy our meal as the sun was setting in South Africa. The inside decor is that of a modern butchers and the dimly lit restaurant would have been a lovely place to enjoy a meal as well.

The Fat Butcher Stellenbosch

It really was the perfect dinner in Stellenbosch and I couldn't recommend it more (especially if you love steak). The Fat Butcher is extremely popular so book a table in as far advance as possible to avoid missing out.

The Fat Butcher Stellenbosch Menu

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