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How to See the Penguins at Boulders Beach, South Africa

A guide of how to see the wild penguins at Boulders Beach and Foxy Beach

There are probably few places in the world you can go to a beach and be surrounded by hundreds of penguins in their natural habitat, which is why Boulders beach is a top recommendation for when you're in Cape Town. Although the famous penguin beach is often referred to as Boulders Beach, the best place to see them is actually at Foxy Beach, (right next to Boulders Beach).

Boulders Beach, South Africa
Boulders Beach, South Africa

Getting to Boulders Beach from Cape Town

We got an Uber taxi to drop us off at 'Boulders Beach' from Cape Town, but if you have hired a car there is a big car park right by the beach. The drive is about 45 minutes from the centre of Cape Town.

To clarify there are TWO main areas to see the penguins, Boulders Beach and Foxy Beach, both are next to each other, you just need to know where to go. Once you have paid for entrance to the national park, you can visit both.

Don't forget to look out for the other wildlife as we also saw loads of Rock Dussies (a wild creature that looks like a big guinea pig and native to Africa).

Boulders Beach, South Africa
Boulders Beach, South Africa

Seeing the Penguins at Boulders Beach

Upon arrival you go to the booth and pay for tickets into the national park. They aren't expensive, around RA40 / £2 for adults and a cheaper ticket for children. The entrance fee you pay to get into national parks in South Africa goes towards conservation, so you can feel like you're contributing to the wildlife and upkeep of these parks.

When we got through to the other side, we followed a boardwalk down to the beach where you can view hundreds of penguins from the platform. The views of all the penguins on this beautiful beach are breathtaking, but you can't get that close to the penguins (as you have to stay on the boardwalk and there is a fence either side).

Boulders Beach the best bit to learn about the penguins as there is signage all along the boardwalk teaching you about the penguins. Take the time to stop and read them because it's really interesting.

Boulders Beach, South Africa

Getting Close to the Penguins at Foxy Beach

Once you've seen the penguins at Boulders Beach from the boardwalk, head back the way you came, then once you reach the top, instead of going back out through the booth you came in through, head left along the boardwalk and keep walking until you get to the very end. Here you can enter the beach , go through a parting in the bushes, which takes you down on the sand. Make your way through the big boulders and rocks to see the penguins.

Whilst the penguins are used to visitors, they can bite so it's best to not get too close to them and have respect for their space. There is a fenced off area you aren't allowed in, so if you scare the penguins they go here.

Foxy beach is actually a really nice sandy beach and you entrance ticket allows you to stay as long as you want, so you may want to spend some time here, although there is nowhere to buy food and drinks near to the beach.

After seeing the penguins we went to Simon's Town for breakfast as there are lots of nice restaurants and cafes there.

Boulders Beach, South Africa

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