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Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Tips for visiting Tulum from currency to safety and travel to weather.

Tulum had been on my travel list for a while. When I went to Mexico a few years ago it was chilled and I was intrigued about Tulum's restaurants, bars and nightlife. Living near and working In Central London I'm used to spending above average on food and drinks, but the prices in Tulum shocked me. I think when planning a trip here you need to be prepared for the high costs of the popular spots.

Tulum Beach
Tulum Beach

Currency in Mexico

Mexican Pesos but you can pay with US Dollars in most places. A lot of places in Mexico don't take cards or have issues with their card machines so always carry cash to be safe.

Weather in Tulum

I visited in March and the weather was around 28 degrees (82F) most days.

Mexico is hot all year round, but can get muggy and rainy in May through to October.

Safety in Tulum

I felt safe most of the time, but be careful with your items and keep them close to you.

When leaving a hotel room make sure you put anything valuable in the safe as I have had stuff disappear from the room before (not Tulum but elsewhere).

Tulum beach felt a lot safer than downtown, so I would advise getting taxis there, rather than walking from place to place.

Transport in Tulum

Tulum has Uber, making it easy and safe to get around.

After visiting Belize with a friend, I had a few days on my own before heading back to Cancun for my flight to London. I had never heard of Bacalar before, but on our way to Belize I saw a few people get off the bus here, so decided to Google what it was and the pictures looked incredible so I thought it would be a great place to end my holiday. Bacalar is about a 2.5 hour drive from Tulum and about a 5 hour drive from Cancun.

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