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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Canggu, Bali

A travel guide to Canggu; things to do in Bali's beach-side town.

Canggu, situated on the southwest coast of Bali, is a vibrant destination that has the perfect blend of beach vibes and cultural charm, with a thriving food and nightlife scene.

Known for its black-sand beaches, chilled, yet fun atmosphere, Canggu was the perfect first stop after travelling for almost 24 hours. The beach-side town has a variety of cafes, beachfront bars, beach clubs and yoga studios. The streets are dotted with colourful street art and the markets make the perfect afternoon to shop local produce.

Canggu Bali

How to get to get to Canggu from Bali Denpasar Airport

There are a few options to get to Canggu from Bali's Denpasar Airport.

  • Car hire  - I would not recommend hiring a car in Bali, even if you are travelling around. The traffic is really bad anytime of day or night, you're better off hiring a moped when you get to where you are staying, or using the taxi apps for cars and moped journeys

  • Taxi - there are taxis outside of the airport that are easy to get, or you can use Bali's equivalent of Uber which is called Grab or Gojek (you can download and order on the app)

  • Private transfer - this is what I did. I landed late into Bali and as I hadn't visited before, I wanted to know I had a transfer ready to take me to my hotel. I booked my transfer through SunTransfers ( and had someone waiting for me at arrivals. It cost the equivalent of 14 euros to go from the airport to Canggu and takes less than an hour

Things to do in Canggu

1. Finn's Beachclub

Finn's Beachclub is a great day out and perfect if you want to chill for the day or if you want to party (it turns into a nightclub in evening). You can show up on the day and just go for the day, but if you want a sun lounger or day bed you need to book in advance or else you have to stand at the bar.

There are several options for bookings which you can book in advance online. You can book sunbeds and day beds in different areas. We went for the 'Finn's Beach Party Area' which was a good location, right near the pool. If you wanted a more chilled day, it's a bit more quiet on the 'oceanfront' area and the VIP areas also looked a lot more quiet. We arrived at about midday, where it is very chilled and then it turns into a party as the day goes on and into the night. We arrived at about midday (you can show up at any time) and stayed until about midnight when it closes.

The different bed options: single beds (1 person), deluxe party beds (6 people), booth (6 people), super beds (10 people), super party both (seats for 10 people), platform (20 people).

We got two single beds which cost about £46 (950,000 IDR) each. You pay this when booking and then you redeem this amount against food and drinks when you're there. It's 'table service' so they take your orders at the beds and bring your food and drink to you (the service is excellent). The food was all really good and you can redeem the spend against an extensive cocktail menu. When you arrive you get given a wristband which is linked to your table/sunbed, when you go to the various bars, they tap your wristband and the drinks either get taken off your initial payment, or if you overspend, you can pay the extra amount on check-out. It's really easy to spend a lot of money at Finn's as you just keep tapping your wristband and having stayed there all night we ended up spending about an extra £200 on drinks!

Finns Beach Club Bali

2. Experience the Love Anchor Market

Love Anchor Market is a vibrant hub for shopping in the centre of Canggu. The market features artisanal crafts, clothing and accessories as well as food and boasts over 50 vendors. It's a great place to go if you want shop or just browse local handcrafted items. Bring cash as they don't accept cards.

Love Anchor Canggu Bali

3. Go Surfing

I'm only adding this to the list if you can already surf! As a surfing novice I decided to give surfing a go as it was one of the top things to do whilst in Canggu (the sea is full of surfers). The waves are extremely aggressive and it is really hard to do if you aren't experienced with these kind of waves as you get dragged under. I also decided to try body boarding but again this is extremely hard too!

Canggu Bali

3. Go to Seminyak for the Day

Seminyak is about a 30 minute taxi from Canggu and there is a lot to do there. We didn't fancy staying in Seminyak as it is quite built up and busy with tourists (it is home to a lot of resorts), but we wanted to experience it for a day. There are loads of great restaurants, bars, beach clubs in Seminyak as well as numerous shops, stalls and roadside vendors.

Some of the things we did in Seminyak:

  • Motel Mexicola (great Mexican restaurant)

  • Potatohead Beach Club (we just went to the bar for drinks without booking and you can use the pool)

  • Ku De Ta Beach Club

  • La Plancha Bar (amazing spot to watch the sunset on beanbags on the beach)

La Plancha Bar Seminyak
La Plancha Bar, Seminyak

4. Get a Massage or Beauty Treatment

Escape the bustling streets of Canggu to a local spa and get a massage or beauty treatment. We visited Lotus Spa a few times whilst in Canggu. The spa setting is tranquil and they have an extensive menu of treatments from blissful massages to invigorating body scrubs and luxurious facials, each experience is meticulously crafted by the experienced staff.

Multiple locations (+62 819-9974-8221)

Lotus Spa Canggu

Where to Eat & Drink in Canggu

I've done a full blog post on the Best Restaurants in Canggu, but here if a brief summary, as well as some bars:

Breakfast and Lunch in Canggu

1. Crate Cafe

2. Milk and Madu

3. Nüde

Nude Canggu
Nude, Canggu

Dinner in Canggu

1. Lacalita Bar y Cocina

2. Billy Ho

3. Finn's Beach Club

4. Motel Mexicola

Lacalita Canggu Bali
Lacalita Bar y Cocina, Canggu

Drinks in Canggu

You should book all of these in advance if you want to be seated

1. Finn's Beach Club

2. La Brisa

3. The Lawn

4. Old Man's

La Brisa Canggu Bali
La Brisa, Canggu

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