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Guide to Wynwood: Miami's Art District

Guide to Wynood: Things to do and places to eat & drink in Miami's Wynwood

Wynwood feels a world away from it's neighbouring town of Miami Beach. Visiting the neighbourhood of Wynwood is a must whilst in Miami and probably where we spent the majority of our time.

Wynwood, Miami

About a 20 minute cab from Miami Beach, Wynwood is Miami's creative capital (often described as the Brooklyn of Miami) and is rich with art and culture, as well as some of the best bars and restaurants Miami has to offer.

Here is a guide to Wynwood and are some of our highlights:

1. Wynwood Walls

Wynwood is a former warehouse district that has been transformed by its street art. Throughout the neighbourhood you can see street art on the buildings and pavement. Before visiting Wynwood I thought you could just walk the streets to see the art, but a lot of it you have to pay to see. Visit 'Wynwood Walls' - a street art museum that costs $12 to enter and you can walk around looking at the pieces of art created by local artists. There are indoor and outdoor parts to the museum as well as a shop. I would recommend booking in advance to get the time slot you want.

wynwood walls miami

2. Street Art in Wynwood

If you don't feel like paying to enter Wynwood Walls, you can wonder the streets and look at the street art.

Street Art Wynwood

3. Shopping in Wynwood

There are lots of small and independent shops in Wynwood that are nice to look around.

shopping wynwood miami

4. KYU

This wasn't just my favourite restaurant in Wynwood, but my favourite in Miami . The food was INSANE and the staff are so nice and welcoming. It's an Asian inspired restaurant in Wynwood where a lot of the food is cooked on a wood fired barbecue. The dark, simplistic look of the restaurant is a vibe and sets the tone for the evening. We LOVED every dish we got, so make sure you order the roasted cauliflower, tuna crispy rice and the Korean fried chicken. We also got bought the coconut cake, which is not something I would usually chose but it was SO good.

kyu miami

5. Doya

Set in the heat of Wynwood (but it doesn't feel like it) and some of the best Meze I've had. The cuisine is described as 'modern Aegean Meze' and is essentially a mix of Greek and Turkish dishes; think flatbreads, dips, kebabs and roasted, spiced vegetables. All the dishes are great for sharing, meaning you can try more. The food has so much flavour (a lot of it is cooked on fire and coals) and tastes fresh - their ingredients are seasonal. We loved the setting too - we sat outside in their garden (there were lots of emergency umbrellas opened when it started raining). We went for dinner but I think it would be great for a lunch too.

doya miami

6. 1-800 Lucky

Visiting here for a meal or snack is MUST whilst in Miami. 1-800 Lucky is an Asian food hall and the food is amazing. The food looked so good from very vendor so we tried as many dishes as we could. The variety of pan-Asian dishes vary from sushi to Vietnamese sandwiches and Japanese ice cream to fried chicken. There are a couple of large bars too, indoor and outdoor seating and 1-800 lucky goes on until late with a DJ playing mostly hip-hop. It's reasonably price compared to a lot of the places in Miami, so I would recommend going early evening (it gets busy), grabbing some food and drinks and staying on for the party after.

1-800 lucky miami

7. Bakan

Wynwood / $$$

We were drawn into this Mexican restaurant in Wynwood due to indoor/outdoor feel. Being big fans of margaritas we decided to stop by for one on the way to dinner. The food looked good (we were eyeing up the tacos) and you can watch the chefs prepare the food in the open kitchen.

bakan miami

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