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The Goodtime Hotel, Miami Review

Review of The Goodtime Hotel, Miami Beach.

The Goodtime Hotel is a collab between Pharrell and David Grutman of Groot Hospitality, so after knowing this, seeing the photos and reviews, we knew we were in for a good time!

The Goodtime Hotel, Miami

The Goodtime Hotel location is's a stone's throw away from Miami Beach (about a 3 min walk) and just around the corner from Ocean Drive. We fell in love with the hotel as soon as we arrived, from the friendly and welcoming staff to the aesthetic in the lobby that continues through to the rest of hotel (it's all very art deco and so Miami).

the goodtime hotel miami

The hotel decor and design is courtesy of Ken Fulk, an American interior designer and he did a great job. The overall design has a heavy focus on pastel pink and all the unique touches around the hotel don't go unnoticed. From the wacky wallpaper in the lifts, to funky design of the swimming pool, every corner you turn has appeal.

Whilst staying, it would be easy to never leave the hotel, everything you need is there. From the pool area, to the restaurant and bar, as well as the library, gym (with Pelatons) and even morning yoga if you fancy it. When you do feel like leaving the hotel, they have bikes you can take for a ride down Ocean Drive - it's the perfect way to see all Miami has to offer. Bear in mind you still need to put in your credit card details to use them. A charge immediately showed up on my statement but I realised it was just a holding fee and they don't actually take any money.

Our Room at The Goodtime Hotel

Having done extensive research for where we would stay in Miami, The Goodtime Hotel was BY FAR the best option for our budget, the location we wanted and the aesthetic vibe we were after. Our standard room (Queen with Ocean View) cost around $285 / £236 a night. Miami is expensive and this goes for the hotels too, so this was a really reasonable price for what you get.

The Goodtime Hotel, Miami

The hotel has 266 rooms and I think the value comes from staying in a small room - be prepared, they are cosy! The double bed was pushed against the wall (draw straws who has to climb over the other person to get out), so it was tricky manoeuvring around, however we figured we wouldn't be spending much time in the hotel room.

the goodtime hotel miami

The room was fun, we loved the decor, it was really clean and the bed was comfy. The old school phone on the wall was a nice touch and we also loved the mini pink fridge (perfect for your skincare). The bathroom consisted of a shower, toilet, sink with a funky mirror and all Ortigia shower amenities. The room came with a fancy bath robe.. if only there had been two!

the goodtime hotel miami

Swimming Pool / Strawberry Moon Pool Party

Whether you are in to swimming or not, the pool and pool area are one of the main draws of The Goodtime Hotel. There are two pools and the pool area is full of sun loungers, cabanas and day beds. There is a large bar and the drinks don't disappoint; Purple Reign was our favourite and their other signature cocktails were hits too.

 The Goodtime Hotel, Miami

Every Friday-Sunday they have a pool party called Strawberry Moon. As a guest of the hotel you get free entry to the pool party (otherwise it's around $30). Bear in mind that although you get in free, you can't sit on any of the loungers, beds etc. you need to pay and the daybeds/cabanas/bungalows cost between $500-$3,000 for the day. They give you towels, so we just laid them down on the ground (like a lot of other people were doing) and it's still fun. We met a lot of people who had got in for free and got free drinks all day with a promoter, so it might be worth researching how to do this before going.

The Goodtime Hotel Miami

The pool party starts at 12:00 and finishes at 19:00. There's a DJ there all day and it gets pretty wild. We loved our day at Strawberry Moon, but understand that vibe isn't for everyone. They did mention that if you want to spend time by the pool and not attend the pool party, you can visit a nearby quieter hotel pool, so best to ask at reception.

The Library at The Goodtime Hotel

I can't say I've ever spent much time at a hotel library, but the one at The Goodtime Hotel is worth a visit. It's a nice escape from the madness of Miami and the perfect place to chill out after a day at Strawberry Moon or wondering Ocean Drive. They had a projector and screen showing movies in there (which we enjoyed during a brief period of rainfall) and you can relax on the sofas whilst you enjoy a complimentary freshly baked cookie. A lot of people were there working on laptops, reading or enjoying a cocktail from the bar. The decor is something to marvel over, with many people stopping by the library for photo opportunities... and you can see why!

The Goodtime Hotel, Miami

Food & Drink at The Goodtime Hotel

The restaurant & bar at The Goodtime Hotel (also called Strawberry Moon) are great and we enjoyed lunch there on our last day. We had burgers (felt like we should before we left the USA without having one in 10 days) and it didn't disappoint.

strawberry moon miami

There is a small cafe and I would personally avoid this. It is SO expensive!! I got a black tea and it cost something like $7 (with tax and service) - for a tea bag and water!! Madness! The hotel is close by to loads of cafes and restaurants so worth a wonder to find something else.

The Beach at The Goodtime Hotel

The Goodtime Hotel has it's own section of Miami Beach with sun loungers that are exclusive for hotel guests. About a 5 minute walk from the hotel, you just show up with your room key (and specify your room # and name) and you get a sun lounger. They keep the beach really clean and maintained there, so worth heading to that part for a day at the beach.

goodtime hotel miami

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