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Guide to Lake Bacalar, Mexico

Guide to Lake Bacalar - 3 days travelling solo

After visiting Belize with a friend, I had a few days on my own before heading back to Cancun for my flight to London. I had never heard of Bacalar before, but on our way to Belize I saw a few people get off the bus here, so decided to Google what it was and the pictures looked incredible so I thought it would be a great place to end my holiday. Bacalar is about a 2.5 hour drive from Tulum and about a 5 hour drive from Cancun.

Here is my guide to Lake Bacalar.

Bacalar Mexico

MBH Maya Boutique Hotel, Bacalar

I booked 2 nights at MBH with the aim of pure relaxation. After 2 weeks away and having been with friends, doing lots of activities and spending a lot of money, I thought Bacalar would be a place to rest before heading back to reality. The hotel cost £123 / 150 USD a night and I felt like the stay was really worth the cost.

The BEST part about the hotel is the setting. Set on Lake Bacalar, the bright green and blue shades of the water give off the most tranquil feeling. The water may look like the sea, but it is in fact fresh water, meaning it's a lot colder than swimming in the sea. The hotel had it's own private decking which was perfect for reading a book on and sunbathing and this is what I spent most of my time doing.

Lake Bacalar

The hotel wasn't really near anywhere so my advice would be to bring any drinks and snacks you want for your room. At one point I wanted to walk somewhere to get some snacks and the closest place was a campsite about a 5 min walk away. The hotel has one restaurant and you can also order room service. The food was good, however I did find that a lot of food on the menu wasn't actually available, which was frustrating.

Lake Bacalar, Mexico

There are lots of activities to do on the lake, however I chose to spend most of my day swimming and sunbathing. The hotel has a hot tub on the roof which you can book for private use for a few hours (free of charge), up here you can order drinks and chill out, taking in the amazing views of the lake.

Lake Bacalar, Mexico

Getting to and from Bacalar

Bacalar has a bus/coach station in the centre of town. The buses here go all over Mexico and the prices are really cheap. From my hotel I got a taxi to the ADO bus station and then got the bus from Bacalar to Cancun which was 5.5 hours and cost around £22 / 27 USD. When I got to the bus station they only had one ticket left on the bus I wanted to get, so I would recommend booking before if you aren't flexible with times.

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