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Where to Drink in Tallinn, Estonia - Guide to the Best Bars

The best bars in Tallinn. Where to drink in Estonia's capital city.

Tallinn boasts a vibrant and diverse drinking scene nestled up the traditional cobbled streets; from historic taverns with local beer to sophisticated cocktail bars. The city's unique fusion of tradition and modernity is reflected not only in its eclectic drink menus but also in the stylish interiors that often showcase a nod to the country's rich heritage.

Here are some of the best bars we went to over a long weekend in Tallinn, Estonia:

1. Whisper Sister

Whisper Sister is a secret speakeasy cocktail bar in the centre of Tallinn. The bar is named after the women ran secret underground bars during the Prohibition-era and although not a secret now, is very hard to find! This underground bar serves an extensive menu of classic and not so classic cocktails (one that stood out was Mushroom Mary - a cocktail with 'black trumpet mushroom infused Stolichnaya') in an intimate setting. All the corners of Whisper SIster are dimly lit, making it the perfect place for a pre-dinner cocktail or a late night night cap. Here is slightly more expensive than most the bars in Tallinn (around 13 euros for a cocktail), but the experience and the quality of drinks makes it well worth a visit.

Whisper Sister Tallinn

How to find Whisper Sister

We spent AGES trying to find Whisper Sister in heavy snowfall, so to save yourself from trekking up and down the streets of Tallinn whilst trying to Google where it is, here are simple instructions:

  • Head to the address: Pärnu mnt. 12, 10148 Tallinn, Estonia

  • Next to one of the doors on the street is a sign that says 'WORKLAND' with a green door to the right, there is a tiny wooden sign on the door that says 'Whisper Sister'

  • Once you have found the right door you need to ring them (+372 5874 7837) and tell them you are there, someone will then come and open the door to take you down

2. Sigmund Freud Bar

This funky cocktail bar is nestled up one of the side streets in the centre of Tallinn. As you step through the entrance you can see the walls are adorned by Freudian artwork, but the bar has a modern vibe. The cocktail menu is extensive and the cocktail markers behind the bar are quick to create a drink that not only tastes great, but also looks the part too.

Sigmund Freud Bar Tallinn

3. Sessel Speakeasy Bar

Found in the old town of Tallinn, Sessel Speakeasy is a cosy cocktail bar. Although it is described as a 'speakeasy', Sessel is very easy to find (you go into a shop and up the stairs), but maybe we just thought it was so easy after our experience with Whisper Sister! It is a nice cocktail bar with fun decor, but the cocktails weren't as imaginative us others we had had whilst in Tallinn, but definitely worth a visit.

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