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Things to do in Key West, Florida

Beaches, food, drinks and activities. All the things we did in Key West over 3 days.

Key West Florida
Key West, Florida

Set at Florida's southernmost point (around 90 miles north of Cuba), Key West is famous for it's coral reefs, picturesque beaches and pastel coloured houses. Key West forms part of the Florida Keys; a group of tropical islands between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Here were some of our favourite things to do in Key West:

1. Duval Street

Duval Street (also known as 'the main drag' is over 1.25 miles long and is lined with with restaurants, bars, cafes, galleries and shops. Duval Street is ALWAYS busy. Whether you're looking for a good breakfast spot, shopping for some souvenirs or wanting to watch live music, head to Duval Street.

2. Fort Zachary Taylor Historic Park Beach

Probably our favourite beach in Key West. It costs $7 to enter in a car, or $2.50 for a pedestrian or cyclist. The main area was full of people when we went, so each time we got in and headed right, walking as far as possible until you get to fencing. Here, there is a cove and is a great place to swim and relax on the beach and is less busy than the main area. One day I went on a really windy day and they don't allow you to go in the sea, so bear this in mind if you are going on a day where the forecast isn't so great.

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach
Fort Zachary Taylor Historic Park Beach

3. Sunset Cocktails at Sunset Pier

The perfect place to watch the sun set and the boats come in. The views are the best part about this bar and we also loved the live music. The service is quite slow, but because it gets really busy at sunset. Get here early if you want a seat/table for when the sunsets.

4. Hire Bikes to Explore

Key West is small and the traffic doesn't move fast, so it's a great place to hire a bike and explore. Take a ride down Duval Street, or keep going out further to the beaches. Our hotel had bikes to hire but I think if you wonder down Duval Street you can find quite a few places to get them.

5. Go to Bobby's Monkey Bar (the bar with money hanging from the walls)

One of the most iconic bars in Key West due to all the money that is stuck over the walls and ceiling. They had live music here and was a nice evening. We found it quite bizarre that the waitress working there didn't know why the money was everywhere, but you should definitely go for a drink whilst in Key West.

6. Look at all the Pastel Coloured Houses

The houses are beautiful in Key West and it's worth taking some time to go and look at them. Whilst the pastel coloured houses are throughout Key West, go to the southwest side of Old Town to see streets lined with them.

7. Go on a Boat Trip

There are loads of different boat trips you can do in Key West. Unfortunately the day we were meant to go on one there was a storm, but the previous day we had watched all the boats at sunset and they looked amazing. If I go back, doing a boat trip would be top of my list in Key West.

Key West Florida
Key West, Florida

8. Try Key Lime Pie (and everything that is flavoured Key Lime Pie)

Key West is the home of Key Lime Pie. Most restaurants/cafes have it as a dessert and you can also visit the shops along Duval Street to try different Key Lime Pie flavoured foods.

Key Lime Pie Key West
Key Lime Pie, Key West

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