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Urraca Private Island, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Urraca Private Island: Staying on a private island with monkeys in Bocas del Toro

After spending a few days on Isla Colon we decided we wanted to do something completely different so headed to Urraca Private Island which is literally a private island in the middle of the sea.

Urraca is an eco resort built in the water on mangroves and is the ultimate travel experience, especially if you want to relax, switch off and unwind for a few days, because you will be off the grid! Francine the owner is so lovely, friendly and helpful, she makes your stay on the island one to remember.

urraca private island bocas

Urraca is made up of just six bungalows built on the water meaning you will only be sharing the island with a few other travellers whilst you are there. There are bungalows for couples as well as groups and we went for the group bungalow (as there was 3 of us) which was incredible.

This eco island gets all it's energy from solar panels and solar lights and all their freshwater is caught by a rain catchment system. The island is plastic free and is built of locally sourced timber wood.

urraca private island bocas

The group bungalow is built on two levels and it can sleep up to 6 people and includes two twin beds as well as two queen beds. The lower level has a private bathroom with hot water and there is your own private deck which you can lounge on and it has a swing going over the sea. You sleep on the second floor and there are stunning views out across the ocean. What's also amazing is that the sun rises in front of your bungalow each morning and what a view it is to wake up to that!

urraca private island bocas

The rooms are really comfy but it does feel slightly strange when you go to sleep at night and you can hear the waves crashing around you. It is certainly an experience I will never forget!

One of the selling points of Urraca is that there are monkeys living on there. The orphaned monkeys have been rescued from life as pets and now have the joy of living semi-wild on Urraca. l This also takes getting used to and you soon learn to shut all your stuff away as they come into your room and go through your bags! The monkeys are kept by the owner and they are very gentle and not aggressive. The monkeys provided us with hours of entertainment as we used to see them stealing people's things. They were really friendly, don't be surprised if one jumps on your shoulder! You will also see other wildlife whilst staying on Urraca and we got the pleasure of seeing a kinkajou!

urraca private island bocas

Each day you can select what you want for dinner and the choices usually include different fish or seafood that is fresh and caught that day. You can also buy soft and alcoholic drinks. There is a dining area where all guests eat, so you can get to know other travellers staying on Urraca.

There is also extra options you can do whilst staying on Urraca. I got a massage and someone came by boat to give it. They set up the bed on a special platform on Urraca and it was amazing to have this relaxing experience whilst I was there.

Urraca Private Island

There are different parts of the island you can visit and one of our favourite spots was at the back where we watched the sunset each night. You can also go and visit several nearby islands if you wanted to but we decided to stay put as we loved it there so much.

Urraca Private Island

Staying on Urraca costs around $290 USD a night and includes a really nice breakfast, unlimited use of kayaks, paddleboards and refillable water. I would recommend bringing any additional snacks and drinks with you before you arrive as there is nowhere you can get these, you really are in the middle of nowhere!

Staying on Urraca was an unforgetable experience and turely made our time in Panama one to remember!

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